Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stop Motion: Part 1

 This is the first of a series of posts on a small stop-motion project of mine.
Starting with the wireframe.

I used the following tools;
  • Wire: you can get it at an artstore or Radio Shack.
  • Epoxy putty: a two-componant paste/clay that gets sollid when you mix them together.
  • Latex gluves: because the epoxy putty is chemical it is necessary to protect your hands. 
  • Tools: too cutt and bend the wire.

I let the head drie seperate from the body, so that I can animate the head apart from the body. 

When the putty is drie I can start with the next step, sculpting the puppet with plasticine. I bought a howl stack at an artstore. You could also buy some childrens clay, like Play-Do, but what I can remember from my early days is that it isn't that reliable in staying soft. So I bought it at a great artstore in Rotterdam called "Harolds". They also had a great variety in sculpting tools. And last but not least I bought a very cheap bracelet with white beads. I'lll be using them for eyes. (I've seen examples where they made eyes out of foam and epoxy, but I find they don't have the same reflecting effect that real eyes have.)

Next up,... sculpting with plasticine!