Friday, December 23, 2011

Chanel No5 commercial

It's Christmas! A wonderful time of the year! And I'm have 2 lovely weeks off. I needed it badly, because it's been a madhouse at work lately. There are some many new things I did; I made a debut in scenario writing, as a camera-operator and as a director! It was all great fun. But especially the director-part suited me well. I loved being the keeper of the creative development during all the projects I was assigned to as director, and making sure the work-atmosphere was good so that during the long hours everybody had a great time. And we did! In my opinion that reflects greatly on the films we made.

Here is one of the films which I've written and directed. It's a documentary of the 35mm films that a cinema in Zwolle play for the public.

Also I just refound the beautiful commercial of the perfume Chanel No5 with the sleepytrain.
Here is the making of. These sort of films are the ones that I see myself directing in the future. And this is yet one of the many many things that I have on my future plan list. We'll know in the end if I did it all.