Friday, June 24, 2011

Artbook madness

Just purchased two artbooks;
1.) Kung Fu Panda 2
2.) How to Train Your Dragon

So psyched!!!!
Ofcourse there is a reason for me suddenly feeling the urge to buy artbooks. Just came back from the cinema. Which film did I see.... yes bingo Kung Fu Panda 2. I wasn't really sure what I was in for. I'm not such a big fan of sequels to say the least. But this movie just blew my head of!!! KABOOM!!!

Normally in a sequel the characters are allready fully developed, so there is nothing new to learn for the audience about the characters. Also the script for a sequel always feels a bit inspire-less to me. That they didn't make the sequel because the were inspired, but just to make some extra money out of it. 100% business 0% hart.Which results in a sequel to cry your eyes out.... and not in a good way.

But this sequel was amazing! A good based storyline that answers questions that people had after the first movie, they didn't went overboard with the bad jokes and punchlines and the visuals were just amazing, especially the intro and the credits and the wide shots and the close-ups and and.... Just go see the movie, it'll speak for itself.

I'm gonna sit next to the mailbox now. Bubye